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Factors to Consider When Signing Cell Phone Tower Lease.

A mobile phone tower lease is an agreement signed by both the telephone company and the subsequent owner of the land. It is an agreement signed to lease space by the landowner to a specific cellphone company for a particular period. In exchange to the land leased out to the mobile company, a landowner gets to enjoy the income. It is a good source of ancillary income for a landowner, as they earn thousands of dollars monthly or annually, depending on the terms. When determining the leasing rates, the following factors are considered.

There is a great effect location has on the cell phone tower lease. The location factors affecting leasing rates are the value of the land as well as the average price of nearby property. Leasing rates are also affected when there are preexisting mobile towers around the target land. Mobile companies want their towers placed a distance away from the others. For this reason, the amount of coverage in your location, or its unavailability too has an impact on the rates. Different states or cities have permitting requirements or specific zoning that can add additional cost to the rates.

Cellphone towers need specific infrastructures like power, roads, telephone lines and water to operate. Accessibility to the intended location is important as the mobile company will require to the construction of the towers. In situation where your location lack these infrastructures, a lower rate will be agreed on, or even no negotiation is done.

The land in particular also can be affecting the leasing rates. Mobile companies always prefer those lands that are evenly flat with no barriers. With the presence of some obstructions like trees, the mobile companies will have to remove them, thereby incurring additional costs. What can also make land more desirable is its ground elevation. Mobile companies not only prefer that land with ground elevation, but also look into other factors that that make it appropriate for tower construction.

In case one is considering renting out their land to a cell phone company, they ought to have an advocate who knows the industry. A thorough evaluation is important when the landowner submit their property details to consulting bodies.

The consulting groups will help in evaluation of the details producing the maximum value of the land and getting the most appropriate contract.

Some cell phone companies can pay way less, so it is not advised to get in any agreement with them before knowing the actual value of your land.

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