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Reasons Why You Should Try Video Conferencing.

Whatever seen in films are worthier than words. Video conference is much better than telephone call in most cases. For instance, one may need to show demonstration of a new product in the market to international sales team, or resolve an issue with customers who need sharing data. Honestly, one who is able to see the demonstrations is more convinced since the demos are effective and more meaningful as it can be contrasted to the verbal demonstration made during an audio conference. Described below are some of the key advantages of using video conference with regards to conversation to analysts, customers and value-added resellers.
It saves on travelling cost. Business productivity is enhanced by the new idea of just being in one office but monitoring activities in different places. With the help of a face to face conversation with the customers, colleges or partners, one can never be replaced. Besides, video conferencing has added advantage of its availability, huge leap in quality and easy to use. The use of video conference reduces cost which would be incurred by making annual travels, together with the cost these trips come along with.

Productivity among team members and customers is also increased. In today’s market, global businesses have the habit of having their branch offices in many parts of the country, even internationally. The old method of communication in these offices is by use of emails, phone calls, and instant messages. Misunderstanding, or even worse, nonexistent or lost communication can accrue because face to face communication between these people is not utilized. With the aid of video conferencing, these participants are likely to be focused on what is being discussed, thereby improving productivity.
Enhances good communication and relation. Body language and facial expression during video conferencing are easily observed on the participants, making collaboration even more effective and faster. These important aspects of communication can be lost when verbal phone calls are employed. When the manager holds a video conference with his employees across the globe, the employees get the feeling of being close to the home office. With the home comfort or that from the office desktop, one can easily get things done, that would require time-consuming and expensive travels.

It has an advantage over competitors. It is needless to come second when introducing a new product in the market. An added advantage is to those businesses using video conference. More informed are teams who use video conferencing, as it is faster. There is a reduction in time needed to introduce a new product in the market. Support department develop a more personal relationship with their customers when they use video conference.

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