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Churches grow in numbers very easily but in the recent years, a trend of number recession is being experienced by many religious organizations. Many members tend to ignore the importance of Sunday worship nowadays. The thing that many church leaders worry about is the funds and finances of the church and its branches. Most churches rely heavily on the donations or tithes from the active members. Paying tithes is an ancient commandment and is still being observed up to this day.

Many churches are still thriving today. Churches are so relevant in any society, especially to the people they serve. In the recent years, some churches have observed increasing numbers of their members. So many people are looking for a church to attend to because they feel like they are filling the emptiness in their hearts. Churches do not just focus on the needs of their members but in the community as well. Community services create an impression that a church has good intentions in the society. Church leaders often emphasize the importance of serving others to the congregation.

A church can only thrive if it is active in community services. Church leaders normally find ways for the members to become active in taking part in serving others. Churches also have to create goals and part of it is finding ways to increase their membership.

The Commandment to Serve Others

Service starts with formulating a plan to provide the needs of other people, especially to those who are part of the community. Church members and its leaders can be part of educating children and unlearned individuals. Churches also have their own limitations so anything that is beyond that may not be possible to do. Church services are normally nonprofit services.

Learning from the Congregation
Looking for available resources is vital to executing the plan made for community services. Sometimes, surveys may become necessary to know the needs of other people. Every activity that is executed outside church premises require the use of standardized actions that are stated in the form of a handbook. Being a role model to the congregation is something that a church leader should do. Each member should be willing to render his or her time and effort, and sometimes money, to the great cause of serving others.

You can choose the best congregation through your own desires. You may be able to find a baptist church near your place that is planning to conduct an outreach activity in your community. Some people think that going to the church requires someone to be faithful and perfect but little do they know that it is actually for the imperfect ones and sinners. If you know that your church is true, that is when you can conquer all the odds.

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