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Creating DIY Logos: Seven Tips

If you are planning to design a DIY logo, then these few tips may be of great help. These DIY logos are not recommended for large, legit businesses, but they are still perfect for start-up businesses, organizations, clubs and groups. When making your DIY logo, make it a habit to ask other people of what they think of your design. The mistakes you are overlooking while creating it will be seen by the other viewers.

Here are 7 tips you should consider:

Abbreviate or leave out company names- If you have a long company name, it is not recommended to spell them out in your design as it will make a poor logo. It is advised to abbreviate it so clients and customers may easily recognize it.

Do not put tag lines in your logo- Making a tag line makes your marketing strategy more effective, but leave it out when making your logo. Your other marketing materials, however, may include your tag line.

The right colors make the right logo- Put in mind that colors set the feelings and moods of your clients and customers. Hence, make use of a color wheel to select complimenting colors.

Font is also important- To see if you have used the right font, read the logo from a distance. If it is too small, then it is not the right font.

Using the right tools- Using a pen and paper, try sketching your design first. Make several styles and layouts and choose which ones you think are best for your company. Also, use the best website that could cater to your DIY logo needs.

Research for tips and tricks from professionals- Also, do not hesitate to join design forums to ask professionals for ideas and tips. These professional designers will help you with the technical stuff.

Before printing, double check everything- After everything has been finalized, check all technicalities and machines you will be using to print your logo. To make things smoother, always set the correct file format before printing.

Put in mind that the logo you are about to design is the visual representation of your company. If the logo looks poor, then people may perceive your company as poor as well. If it looks cheap, your products and services may be perceived as cheap too.

Avoid dragging down your company by making the right logo. By following these tips, you will surely have an effective logo that customers and clients will surely remember. It will help you enhance your company and at the same time create the connection with your clients. Do not waste your precious time and create your own DIY logo now.

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